Rizse is reimagining inspections for the aviation industry.

We are an advanced robotics and A.I. firm developing a fully autonomous drone platform to streamline aircraft inspections. Our state-of-the-art lidar system and high-precision camera empower technicians to work efficiently and consistently. Relentless in our pursuit of perfection, we’re elevating the industry one inspection at a time.

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Benefits of Our Inspection Platform


Our autonomous drone system completes a full primary inspection ten times faster than the typical fuselage inspection process, with greater consistency. Plus, it reduces the amount of time heavy machinery must be operated near the aircraft.


We assess all visible surface damage on an aircraft and archive the results. That way, prior inspections may be referenced or audited anytime. Our damage detection system uses artificial intelligence to learn from your inspectors, maximizing the value of their expertise and helping the entire maintenance team identify damage more effectively.


Our inspections help prevent aircraft from being grounded longer than necessary due to planned or unplanned maintenance. This saves you money directly on repairs, as well as indirectly on lost revenue potential. In addition, our inspections integrate seamlessly with technicians’ workflow, making the process faster and more cost-efficient.

StreamSense Platform

Seamlessly view all inspection reports in one easily accessible place.


Point and tap identification of aircraft damage.

Meet our Team

  • jacolby-harvey


    Co-founder & CEO

  • default


    VP of Software Engineering

  • braedon-omeara


    Co-founder & Principal Software Engineer

  • idan-fiksel


    Co-Founder & Principal Hardware Engineer

Our Advisors

  • david-quero


    Key Advisor

    The president of Ascent Aviation Services, a midsized maintenance, repair and overhaul facility for aircraft with several decades of aviation experience.

  • Michael-Headshot-Grey


    Key Advisor

    Served in senior engineering and product positions within the robotics and automation industry, including Sr. Manager of Advance Technology for Amazon and led a Robotics team at X, The Moonshot Factory, and other positions at Google.

  • Jim-Headshot-Grey


    Key Advisor

    The current CEO of Empower MX, a leading cloud-based software platform designed to accelerate digital adoption in the Airline, MRO, and Defense establishments and a Co-founder of CAVOK, an aviation-centric consulting firm acquired by Oliver Wyman.

  • Brad-Headshot-Grey


    Key Advisor

    Principal at SeaTec, a consulting, engineering, and digital domain expertise company specializing in the aerospace and defense sectors as well as being the former VP of Corporate Safety and Quality at Delta Airlines.

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